Hangga Elementary

2010, 09/22-09/28

Pleasanton-founded CTC donates computers

(Former Philippine Education Secretary acknowledged the ratio of                              25,000 students for each computer in the public education system)

California Technological Care (CTC), a leader in fighting information poverty announced that through a charitable donation, the Hangga Elementary School, San Pedro, Hagonoy, Bulacan, Philippines received five new computers and a laser printer.  With 1,393 students, Hangga Elementary School is now able to ensure that all of its students have an opportunity to participate in the information revolution.  In addition, it is anticipated that student scores will improve as students utilize the Internet to complete their homework assignments. Despite significant economic and international challenges, funding shortfalls and deepening recession throughout the world, California Technological Care (www.ctcglobal.org) is rising beyond these difficulties to reach out and serve communities.

Principal Agnes Bernardo, shared that “both students and faculty are excited to have the new computers.  There are so many schools in the Philippines and the world that have not had the good fortune to know CTC and receive their hardware and software gifts to access the Internet.  We will be forever grateful and thank the entire CTC organization”. Now, computer software and instructional computer programs can add to the faculty’s use of instructional booklets, games, TV programs, and other audio-visual materials, Bernardo further added.”

“I believe one of the biggest reasons for many Philippine students doing poorly is the lack of proper tools (both computers and internet access) readily available in public schools.  CTC plans to improve access to computers, internet, and productivity software for those most in need like the Hangga Elementary School,” stated by CTC Executive Director and Co-Founder Demos Punsalan.

California Technological Care (CTC), a recipient of 2006 Philippine President “Kaanib Ng Bayan Award”, is dedicated to foster the development of computer access and literacy. CTC has international affiliates in Asia, Africa, South Asia, and South America.  Founded on August 4, 1999 by two telecommunication veterans, Demos Punsalan and Albert “Sandy” Munroe, in Pleasanton, California, California Technological Care has taken the lead with regard to the changing the definition of information equality in this new millennium.


August 3, 2010